Something to Celebrate

A message from our President

Good Morning, YDs!

Last night’s election returns gave us many reasons to celebrate. I want to take a moment to congratulate those YDAC members who worked on or volunteered for our Democratic Candidates over the course of the past year. As an organization, we personally spoke with thousands of voters about why our candidates were worth their vote. And it really, really paid off.

The results of the General Election made one thing abundantly clear: That we, as Democrats, carry the banner of the people. Our message of government that works for every person is what voters expect from their elected officials. I’m proud to see that YDAC had such a hand in spreading that message to voters across Allegheny County.

I want to take a minute to thank State Senate Nominee Heather Arnet and her incredible team. Although things did not work out the way we’d hoped, Heather made an impact in her district that is worth celebrating. YDAC will forever be Team Arnet.

There were eight judicial races on the ballot last night. Democrats won all eight. I’m still in awe of our sweep of the statewide and countywide judicial seats. Our candidates faced tough challenges, but voters can see right through the tired Republican talking points. They know what could have happened had the vote not gone our way. I know our voters made the right choice in each of those races yesterday. Congratulations to our Justices and Judges Elect – YDAC is grateful for each of you.

We must emerge from our current celebrations resolute for the coming battle. Next year, our State House, Congress, and the White House are all in play. The Young Democrats of Allegheny County must be a big part of all of these races – not just the top of the ticket. I look forward to joining you on the trail as we work toward another sweep in 2016.


For just a couple days, though, let’s celebrate this one.


Democratically Yours,


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